The Pool of Pools Pilots a New Temporary Start/Stop Location in LA/Long Beach

The pilot is the PoP’s latest effort to address ongoing congestion issues within the San Pedro Basin.

The Pool of Pools (PoP) is pleased to announce the piloting of a new temporary start/stop location for motor carriers within the Pool of Pools Network in LA/Long Beach. In conjunction with the location operator, Innovative Terminal Services, the Barracuda Yard between ETS and FMS off Earle Street will begin accepting empty container returns for certain ocean carriers who have made arrangements for storage here, as well as bare chassis returns for any PoP-contributed chassis, effective as of December 1, 2020. Motor carriers with empty container return authorization at the Barracuda Yard will have the option of dropping the wheeled setup at in-gate, or having the empty container removed so that the chassis can be repurposed for a new transaction.

This location/operation, which has the capacity to store an additional 600-800 FEU containers over its current inventory, has been developed among the Pool of Pools equipment providers and Innovative in an effort to address ongoing congestion issues within the San Pedro Basin. By facilitating empty container storage and export pick-up off-terminal, this pilot initiative should create new opportunities to decrease local equipment turn-times and improve productivity. Ocean carriers interested in using this facility should contact Innovative regarding container storage terms, and their individual PoP IEP about any anticipated chassis requirements for such storage.

The Pool of Pools will evaluate usage trends at this location after 45-60 days and will announce any changes in location status following that evaluation. For more information about the Pool of Pools, please visit our website.