As the chassis transition continues to evolve, so do the processes and associated cost of chassis provisioning. We are beginning to see some Marine Terminals imposing in/out gate fees on chassis and in some cases, storage fees on all pool chassis.

While we continue to be adamantly opposed to such fees, we unfortunately must pass these fees on to Ocean Carriers. However, Ocean Carriers have taken the position that when a shipment is Merchant Haulage, the gate fee should be charged to the Motor Carrier. Thus, FlexiVan has no choice but to pass this cost to Motor Carriers as per our BACP Chassis Pool User Agreement.

Effective May 1, 2018, the SSA/OICT Gate Fee will be increased to $6.00 (from $5.00) per in & out gate move for SSA/OICT Oakland Merchant Haulage cargo. Please note that these gate fees are subject to annual review by the terminals and that additional terminals may begin charging gate fees as well.