Effective March 1, 2016, all terms and conditions of existing FlexiVan Leasing, Inc. Motor Carrier Agreements, including any applicable Ocean Carrier Provisioning Agreements, governing use of BACP pool chassis US DOT No. 2019624 are expanded to also include the use of Oakland WCCP West Coast Chassis Pool USDOT # 1981990 (SSA CONTAINERS, INC.)

Note that the start/stop locations of the Oakland WCCP are as follows: SSA OICT Shippers Transport Express Oakland Usage billing will start when an approved BACP user out-gates a WCCP Oakland chassis from one of the above listed start/stop locations and usage will continue until it is returned to one of these start/stop locations. The usage rates billed by FlexiVan Leasing, Inc. for Oakland WCCP will mirror the BACP usage rates. This notice serves as an amendment to existing BACP user agreements pursuant to Paragraph 23, Appendix A, Standard Terms and Conditions.

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