For efficient 24-hour service, please contact one of our approved Over-The-Road Vendors directly. Should you need further assistance, please contact our Customer Support team at 1-866-883-5394.

In the event of an accident involving a FlexiVan chassis, please:

  1. Obtain a police report
  2. Report the accident to your insurance company
  3. Complete and submit the FlexiVan Incident Report Form.

Should you need further assistance, FlexiVan’s Customer Support Team is available to assist you. They can be reached at 1-866-883-5394.

Registration & Log In

To use AIM360, you must first register for our Daily Rentals program through FlexiVan. Please click here to register.

After being approved, please log in to make your booking on AIM360. For any questions regarding AIM360 registration, contact us at CustomerSupport@FlexiVan.com or call 1-866-883-5394.

UIIA participation is also required to book with FlexiVan. Click here to register for the UIIA.

Please click here to register for pool chassis. For information regarding which pools FlexiVan is a part of, visit our locations page.

Please send an email to CustomerSupport@FlexiVan.com detailing the issues you are experiencing.

Customer Account Information

To update your account information, please click here.

We can help you with any needed changes as well. If you’d like assistance making updates, please send an email to CustomerSupport@FlexiVan.com detailing the changes that need to be made.

Chassis Unit Information

All information related to a particular chassis, such as VIN / serial #, license plate #, or registration # can be obtained by using the Chassis Look-Up link located under Customer Resources.

Please send an email to ChassisOperations@flexivan.com, detailing your situation and any specific chassis information you are able to provide. A FlexiVan representative will be in touch with you shortly. To provide FlexiVan with more information about your case, please also submit an incident report.

Daily Chassis Bookings

A chassis booking is valid for 24 hours at the location where the chassis will be picked up. If you do not plan on using the chassis, please cancel the booking. If you do still intend on using the chassis, please notify CustomerSupport@FlexiVan.com of your schedule so that they still expect your arrival for pick up.

Log in to AIM360 and find the booking under your dashboard. Upon login, a New Booking Request window will pop up. Click on the close button on the top right of the popup. From there, you can see all of the bookings you have made. For the booking you wish to cancel, click on the cancel button located under the action column of the booking summary table.

All FlexiVan location details can be found on the Locations page of this site. Depot address and gate hours can also be found in AIM360 when you book your chassis, plus a detailed street map is also available to guide you.

Pricing & Billing

Account balance and details on any outstanding invoices can be easily accessed in AIM360. Simply log in to your account and go to the invoices page for your account details. Simply log in to your account and go to the invoices page for details.

Registered customers can log in to their account and go to the invoice tab to search for an invoice they wish to dispute. From here, customers can either click “Dispute” or “Pay.” **Please note:

1. All invoice disputes must be reported to FlexiVan in writing within 30 days of invoice date.
2. In order to dispute invoices, you must be a registered FlexiVan customer.
3. All unregistered customers should submit disputes within 30 days to CustomerSupport@FlexiVan.com.

For further information, you can email CustomerSupport@FlexiVan.com or contact our billing department.

Daily charges are and applied per unit, per all or part of a calendar day once a unit is picked up. The same daily rate is applied from the time of chassis pickup through the entire time the chassis is leased. The duration of the lease contributes to daily fees as well, and the overall amount is determined when the unit is returned.

Many factors contribute to the total price of your chassis experience, including lease duration, number of axles, market rate, etc. Short term rentals are available at daily, weekly or monthly intervals. A long-term lease is considered one year, or more.


For tolls, please contact TollManagment@FlexiVan.com. For all other citations, please contact Citations@FlexiVan.com.

Traffic Toll Program

When a motor carrier passes through a toll plaza and payment is not recorded, FlexiVan is charged. Whether the transponder does not record the toll or the motor carrier simply runs through the gate too fast, the Toll Authorities will:

  1. Capture the rear chassis plate and FlexiVan will be automatically billed for the toll or
  2. Toll Authorities capture the front plate, in which case the motor carrier is billed directly instead.
  • CCM Pool sourced chassis – CCM will bill customers directly.
  • Non-CCM pool sourced chassis – after FlexiVan receives the toll charge, it will directly re-bill the MC who interchanged the chassis.
  • Chassis under direct lease with FlexiVan – FlexiVan directly bills the Lessee under contract.

Bills will be sent out weekly, reflecting the tolls of the previous week.

A transaction and fee was generated because the toll was not paid by the motor carrier. As a result, FlexiVan was billed and incurs the administrative cost of capturing the tolls, investigating, sorting, rebilling, managing responses, disputes and collections. It is the motor carrier’s responsibility to ensure compliance. If the transponder had not failed, we would not have been billed and forced to re-bill the motor carrier.

When the toll authority has to send out a bill, they add on penalties and fees. Toll authorities generally will not waive the fees. Each violation incurs an administration fee: 10% of the total violation amount (citation amount and transaction fee) for Pool Chassis &$25 for retail chassis. Under this new system, tolls will be automatically covered if the transponder fails, eliminating any additional fees or penalties.

Since the bills are automatically generated by the Toll Authority and applied to FlexiVan, we have no option but to re-bill directly. However, this is why there are no additional fees and penalties incurred. It is not optional.

All disputes must be submitted in writing through the FlexiVan’s web portal at:https://www.flexivan.com within 30 days upon receipt of the invoices. Customers can obtain detail information in the UIIA/FlexiVan Addendum Section G Method of Dispute Resolution.

Data Ownership & Security

FlexiVan owns all data that streams from the IoT devices (including GPS) installed on our chassis. That being said, we take critical care of this information, as we understand the importance of keeping all of our customers’ confidential information secure.

Only a company’s respective users that are viewing units on their registered account are able to view chassis and geofenced facilities assigned to them.  All chassis and geofenced facilities for other accounts are kept hidden from view.

Yes. BCO’s are able to allow visibility-only access to their Motor Carriers so they are able to track and trace units that they outgated for their respective BCO. If you are a current customer interested in this functionality, please contact CustomerSupport@FlexiVan.com to find out more.

FlexiVan maintains external customer information using data security best practices that apply to account and contact information, as well as any data associated with transactions between the customer and FlexiVan (including but not limited to chassis, chassis movements and geofenced facilities associated with the customer).