Term Leasing

Term Leasing Chassis

Do you find that you end up needing a chassis for more than a few days? Do you want to handle all chassis maintenance using your existing vendors or do you want FlexiVan to handle the maintenance for you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, a Term Lease may be the right solution to take your chassis operation to the next level.

When your demands exceed the utilization of our daily rental program, a term lease can be a cost-effective solution. FlexiVan has more than 120,000 professionally maintained chassis in our fleet and can customize a Term Lease with the right equipment and right duration that fits your needs.

We have over 65 years of experience tailoring chassis lease solutions for our customers & care about your success. Contact sales to begin your Term Lease with FlexiVan.

This product is tailored to meet the needs of motor carriers but is commonly used across various industries. Please contact us below so we can help find the best product for your business.

  • Chassis leased for a fixed length of time
  • Lessee has option to manage Maintenance and Repair or take advantage of FlexiVan’s comprehensive maintenance package
  • Lessee can include multiple equipment types within one term lease

Analytics Built Into Everything We Do

Through AIM360, we make analytics available to users to track their chassis using our state-of-the-art system. This includes real-time data for chassis that are currently in use and on the street. You can locate your chassis and see in real-time where your cargo is, where it’s going, and how long it will take to get to its final destination. It’s our way of ensuring you can access the insights and data you need to make informed business decisions, with transaction and activity reports at your fingertips.

Enhanced Cargo Visibility

With near real-time visibility of your cargo at all times, it’s now easier than ever to improve asset utilization, driver productivity and reliability of cargo in transit.

Data-Based Solutions

Effectively manage cost and risk in your supply chain with a deeper view of your network than ever before. Visibility to your trucks, chassis and cargo will enhance your ability to make tactical and strategic decisions faster than you thought possible.

GPS Technology

With the largest fleet of Smart Chassis® on the road, FlexiVan is committed to getting your business on the right track with multiple sensors that give you access to data you never knew you needed.

Support Available Nationwide

With locations available throughout the US, each with dedicated and experienced crews, FlexiVan chassis maintenance services respond quickly to the changing needs of your business.

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