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Inspection Reports

Motor carriers have the responsibility to submit special reports for all chassis that have undergone roadside inspections. Federal law requires that detailed inspection reports be provided to Intermodal Equipment Providers (IEP) to ensure the proper safety, maintenance and repair of all equipment.

The two most common reports are Driver Vehicle Exception Report (DVER) and Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR). Please submit your documents online using the buttons below. Otherwise, for help transmitting roadside documentation, please email FlexiVan at DVER@FlexiVan.com or DVIR@FlexiVan.com.

NOTE: Any DVER or DVIR requiring immediate attention needs to be submitted to the IEP as soon as possible in order to coordinate all required repairs and notify the appropriate parties that all requirement have been met.


The Driver Vehicle Exception Report is an inspection report that according to federal law, drivers must submit to IEPs to notify them of any roadside inspections made during possession of leased equipment.

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DVER Reporting Procedures (In accordance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Parts 40, 303, 325, 350‐399)

Part 396.9 DVER Responsibilities

(d) Motor Carrier or intermodal equipment provider disposition.

(1) The driver of any motor vehicle, including a motor vehicle transporting intermodal equipment, who receives an inspection report shall deliver a copy to both the motor carrier operating the vehicle and the intermodal equipment provider upon his/her arrival at the next terminal or facility. If the driver is not scheduled to arrive at a terminal or facility of the motor carrier operating the vehicle or at a facility of the intermodal equipment provider within 24 hours, the driver shall immediately mail, fax or otherwise transmit the report to the motor carrier and intermodal equipment provider.


The Driver Vehicle Inspection Report is an after-trip report that Motor Carriers submit to IEPs only in cases where defective equipment was detected during lease of the equipment. There is no requirement to submit a report for equipment that is not defective.

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Severe Weather Event

For chassis affected by severe weather, please follow FlexiVan’s guidelines for the inspection and assessment of damage. View inspection procedures for the steps involved or download the checklist of chassis items to be inspected.

Should you have questions with any reporting procedures, please contact us directly and we would be happy to assist you.