Modern Solutions for Chassis Challenges

FlexiVan chassis utilize modern technology to solve chassis challenges in new and innovative ways. Our large fleet of state-of-the-art Smart Chassis® are equipped with GPS tracking that allows you to track your shipments to and from any location. Through AIM360, we provide strong customer support driven by real-time data so you can track, strategize, and analyze cargo movement at your convenience.

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Near Real-Time Visibility

Near real-time visibility of your customers’ cargo is provided through our dedicated platform, AIM360. There, you can track your cargo and stay on top of any and all movements. Near real-time visibility provides up-to- the-minute details on cargo moving through your network. This eliminates any concerns about when your chassis and cargo will get to its final destination. It also allows you to view any maintenance along the way, so you’re always in the loop. To further support the effectiveness, data from systematized GPS tracking may be integrated with your proprietary platforms to further the management of your freight.

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Network Insights

Network Insights

FlexiVan’s Smart Chassis® fleet is equipped with IoT technology, GPS tracking and other sensors to offer a heightened level of visibility. With millions of data points captured per month, you’ll have greater access to data and analytics than ever before. Our chassis allow tracking from the pickup of your container all the way to the warehouse door. You’ll know where your cargo is at all times and can easily check in on your shipment whenever you need to.

Fleet of Over 60,000 GPS-Equipped Chassis

GPS units are available to install on your term lease chassis and can improve asset utilization and enhance the safety of equipment. With near real-time visibility of your cargo, you’ll know exactly where it is at all times, allowing you to make decisions with the most up-to-date information. Our GPS technology also provides geofencing capabilities, updates on demand, and a variety of reporting tools to help ensure greater supply chain efficiencies.

FlexiVan continues to stay on the cutting edge of sensor technology and will be outfitting thousands of chassis per year with a groundbreaking suite of sensors.

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