Incident Reporting

To help us get you back on the road sooner, please note our policy below. If you should have any questions, contact the nearest FlexiVan office or email us at CustomerSupport@FlexiVan.com.

  • All incident reports must be submitted to FlexiVan within 24 hours from when the incident occurred or was discovered. Police must be notified of all incidents immediately.
  • Any equipment involved in an incident must not be altered, repaired, or destroyed in any way without specific written approval from FlexiVan.
  • Chassis usage charges continue until the Settlement invoice is paid in full, or the chassis is returned to an authorized FlexiVan facility (please contact our offices for the nearest facility).
  • Per diem will be credited for Settlement invoices paid within 30 days of the issue date. Per diem will continue for Settlement invoices paid after 30 days and will not stop until the date payment is received.