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Confidence in every delivery you make, with FlexiVan’s superior Smart Chassis® supporting your operations seamlessly. Our GPS-enabled chassis offers real-time visibility into your shipments, giving you precise tracking and a suite of tools to help you make better decisions. This means less waiting, fewer delays, and more predictable delivery times.

With Smart Chassis® from FlexiVan, you’re not just leasing a chassis; you’re delivering on the promises you make to your customers.

Let us help you streamline your operations, reduce costs, and keep your customers satisfied.

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Harnessing Analytics for Clear, Actionable Insights

AIM360 brings the complexity of logistics into focus, delivering actionable insights directly to your fingertips. FlexiVan isn’t just about providing Smart Chassis® with data collection capabilities; it’s about empowering you with the ability to make informed decisions. Our dedicated team of data engineers ensures that the wealth of logistics data you receive is a clear strategic asset, enhancing your operational visibility and control.

Tracking for Informed Decisions

With AIM360, tracking your cargo is simplified. The platform enhances how you adjust schedules and improve delivery reliability. You get the most relevant, actionable insights, cutting through technical clutter.

Strategic Insights for Real Impact

Gain a deep, understanding of your logistics network, we turn complex data into meaningful insights. This level of analysis supports smarter, strategic business decisions, empowering your logistics operation to make better choices.

Turning Data Into Solutions

Our data engineers provide feedback about your business using benchmarks from businesses just like yours. Our analysts have a unique perspective on how you can improve, converting technology into practical benefits for you.

Revolutionizing Your Shipments with FlexiVan Technology

See firsthand how your logistics operations are transformed with FlexiVan’s Smart Chassis® and AIM360 platform. This video gives you a glimpse into the future of efficient and transparent cargo management, featuring a moment with our CEO, Ron Widdows.

“Where your cargo’s journey becomes smarter and more reliable.”

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