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FlexiVan chassis utilize modern technology to solve chassis challenges in new and innovative ways. Our large fleet of state-of-the-art Smart Chassis® are equipped with GPS tracking, allowing you to track your shipments to and from any location.

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Through AIM360, we make analytics available to users to track their chassis using our state-of-the-art system. This includes real-time data for chassis that are currently in use and on the street. You can locate your chassis and see in real-time where your cargo is, where it’s going, and how long it will take to get to its final destination. It’s our way of ensuring you can access the insights and data you need to make informed business decisions, with transaction and activity reports at your fingertips.

Enhanced Cargo Visibility

With near real-time visibility of your cargo at all times, it’s now easier than ever to improve asset utilization, driver productivity and reliability of cargo in transit.

Network Insights

With millions of data points captured per month, FlexiVan provides network analysis beyond any level expected from a chassis provider.

GPS Technology

Over 50,000 premium chassis equipped with GPS can track and trace assets while improving the efficiency of your operations.

Driving Performance Through Technology

Our chassis are designed and maintained to deliver superior performance. Each chassis is built to specifications that exceed government and industry standards. With a focus on safety and performance, our extensive fleet is maintained and serviced to the highest standards by teams of skilled and experienced technicians.Superior chassis design is just the start. FlexiVan has the largest fleet of Smart Chassis® on the road, each equipped with sensors that revolutionize how industry stakeholders view a chassis’ role in the supply chain. Combined with FlexiVan’s visibility platform, AIM360, we provide an unmatched customer experience that delivers results for your business.

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