Dear FlexiVan Pool Customers,

In an effort to better meet the demand for chassis in today’s marketplace, we ask that you please return FlexiVan chassis to only our designated Start/Stop pool locations. Otherwise, daily fees will continue to be applied for chassis usage outside of these locations.

In the event a motor carrier drops a FlexiVan chassis at a non-designated pool location, all daily fees associated with that unit will continue to be charged until it is returned to a designated Start/Stop location.

Application of these charges will go into effect as of Monday, November 1, 2021, and will continue to be applied each day up until the day the unit is returned to a designated Start/Stop pool location. (charges reflected on invoices of the following month)

For a listing of all designated FlexiVan pool locations and addresses, visit our website “Pool Locations” page here or go to > Contact > Locations > Pool Locations.

Please contact FlexiVan Customer Support if you have any questions:  Tel.# 866-883-5394 |

Thank you for your support in this effort,