Dear Valued Customer,

Our records indicate that although you may have recently leased chassis with FlexiVan, your registration with the UIIA* has not been fully completed. Either your credit application and/or insurance documents are still required from you in order to complete the registration approval process. Failing to do so may impact your ability to interchange equipment with Flexi-Van Leasing, LLC or result in unauthorized usage charges.

*FlexiVan is an active Equipment Provider participant with IANA’s Uniform Intermodal Interchange and Facilities Agreement (UIIA) and requires all motor carriers to register with the UIIA in order to lease FlexiVan chassis. By doing so, this helps to ensure all credit application and insurance documents are properly submitted for approval, as well as offers motor carriers expedited chassis interchange processes, streamlined management of documentation and extended customer support services.

Please verify you have completed all FlexiVan UIIA registration credit and insurance requirements 

  1. Login to your UIIA account. If you have not yet started an account with the UIIA, click here for steps on how to register as a motor carrier.
  1. On your account home screen, review the “Pending Equipment Provider” box for further details.
  1. Click here for guidance on how to check the status of your company with a UIIA Equipment Provider. 


Credit Applications

Click here for a copy of FlexiVan’s Credit Application

Email all completed forms to or fax to (301) 982-3414

Note: FlexiVan’s Credit Department requires 48 hours to review each credit application


Insurance Requirements


Current and pending insurance policies on file appear at the bottom of your UIIA account home screen. Click “View Current Insurance” on left navigation bar for details.


Please contact the UIIA with any questions you may have. They can be reached at: or tel. #877-438-8442.


Feel free to also contact FlexiVan Customer Support at tel. #1-866-883-5394 for assistance. We’d like to be sure you have all information and help you need to complete your UIIA registration.


Thank you for your attention to this matter,