Attention FlexiVan M&R Vendors – We have now successfully completed migration of our CPMR and CAMS systems to AIM360. All M&R transactions with FlexiVan should now be made using only the new AIM360 Vendor Portal, which can be found at: Please be sure to use a Chrome browser when accessing AIM360 (i.e. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge).


FlexiVan’s M&R Portal (CPMR) and CAMS system are no longer available.

You can use the same login credentials that you used for CPMR or CAMS to access AIM360.

Any entries into CPMR/CAMS prior to midnight CST, Jan. 15th were part of the data merging process Jan. 16 & 17 and populated in AIM360 for approval Jan. 18.

EDI transmissions were not affected by the migration of systems during this time and automatically routed to AIM360 for approval Jan. 18.

Please refresh any bookmarks you currently have to the AIM360 URL address.

The AIM360 Vendor Portal User Guide  and FlexiVan M&R Representative Contact List can be found in AIM360 on the top menu bar. Click on the icon with the question mark symbol for the User Guide and icon with the telephone for the Contact List.

Thank you again for your patience during this transition and please don’t hesitate to contact our FlexiVan M&R Representatives should you need any help using AIM360.


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