Road Service Policy

Privately Managed Fleets and Pools

Please Note: Pools managed by others are excluded from this policy (Ex: SACP, FCCP, MWCP, DCCP & FLBP)

FlexiVan’s maintenance approach is quality-centric, with a focus on preventative maintenance to reduce the need for reactionary repairs. Prior to our customers picking up a chassis, FlexiVan’s staff and maintenance providers will have prepared the chassis by airing tires fully, checking brakes and lights, and ensuring that FMCSA and SMC/BIT inspections are up-to-date. When a
driver performs his pre-trip inspection, he should find the chassis in excellent condition and ready to roll. FlexiVan customers experience fewer over-the-road (OTR) problems using our private fleets and pools, and as a result, rarely suffer down-time due to chassis problems.

For mechanical or tire problems on the road, FlexiVan has contracted with several over-the-road companies to assist with getting the driver and chassis back on the road quickly and without cost to the customer. 24-Hour service numbers are provided and FlexiVan’s maintenance experts are available to help during any potentially difficult scenario, and to ensure that chassis problems are
resolved efficiently.

All OTR chassis repairs performed by one of our network repair vendors will be paid directly by FlexiVan, with the exception of:

  1. Damage due to a traffic accident
  2. Damage caused purposely or through neglect
  3. Towing or lift services (only repairs to the chassis are covered)

If a customer does not receive a high-quality chassis upon pick-up, or does not receive efficient OTR service when needed, we request that feedback be provided to one of our regional maintenance or customer service teams. All regional office and customer service contact information is kept current on our website. We truly appreciate your comments to help us stay focused and continually improve our product, and welcome both positive and negative feedback!

OTR repairs should be arranged with one of our approved repair vendors and billed to FlexiVan directly by the provider. We recommend that draymen set-up accounts with these repair companies so that non-chassis related repair instances (e.g. accidents) can also be serviced for emergency breakdown service.

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