Traffic Toll Program

FlexiVan’s New Traffic Toll Program

(For Un-Paid Tolls ONLY)

September 2019


1. If you are a motor carrier that passes through toll gates at the regulated speed and ensures your transponder is in working order, this program does not apply to you and you will not be billed by FlexiVan. This only applies to un-paid tolls.

This program only applies when a motor carrier runs a toll gate without payment, regardless of intention or transponder failure. Either way, a toll and administrative cost is generated.

2. This program prevents an unpaid toll penalty from being generated by the Toll Authority, as well as other related costs that could escalate. It is not optional.

3. A motor carrier failing to ensure his vehicle passes through the toll at the regulated speed or ensuring his transponder is in working order is not the fault of the chassis provider. It is the responsibility of the motor carrier.

Toll authorities advise that the primary reason a transponder does not record is generally due to excessive speed entering the toll gate.

4. If the transponder is not recognized and the Toll Authority only captures the rear, tail gate image (i.e. the license plate of the chassis only), FlexiVan gets the notice and will bill the motor carrier.

If the transponder is not recognized and the toll authority captures the front license plate image, the motor carrier registered under that license will get the notice directly from the toll authority.

5. FlexiVan immediately incurs the administrative cost of capturing the tolls, investigating, sorting, rebilling, managing responses and disputes, and collections. As the volume of events has increased dramatically, we are compelled to pass this cost on the responsible motor carrier or lessee.



If you have additional questions about our traffic toll program, please visit our FAQ page.

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